About EcoLife

We use a team & family approach to serving you.

Tony and TJ believe in treating the team like family. With an open-door approach, they welcome ideas and feedback from the team to better help serve clients.

“We have an inclusiveness that empowers the team, and it helps create innovation,”

- Tony.

Tony and TJ own and operate EcoLife.

Together, they oversee a team of experienced technicians, inspectors, and contractors, offering a natural approach to pest control that fits well with our Northwestern ideals.

“Bugs and rodents can be a good thing—just not in your home, where they can cause damage,” says TJ. “We use a thorough, natural, and practical approach that creates an uninhabitable zone for pests. We help you protect your biggest investment—your home—while eliminating a pest problem.”

As licensed, bonded, & insured contractors, EcoLife offers convenient home repair services to fix pest damage. The team uses green construction materials to repair everything from termite damage to building a new deck or shed.

Anthony “Tony” Hyde, Owner

Surrounded by entrepreneurs from a young age, Tony grew up working in his aunt and uncle’s circuit-board manufacturing company. This experience led to R&D opportunities in Silicon Valley, where Tony worked alongside others to make the printed circuit board that enabled the Hubble telescope’s solar panels to collect solar power. Tony continued to foster his entrepreneurial bent. He started a software company as well as a burglary, fire, and medical protection company. “My experience is in running a business,” says Tony. “I’m really a teacher in the long run; helping start and grow a business, like EcoLife with my son.”

ecolife team

In 1997, Tony sold the protection company, and the family moved to Oregon, where Tony purchased land around Medford and built and sold 26 homes.

Today, for the EcoLife team, Tony is known as the go-to guy for savvy business experience and advice. He welcomes questions and input from the team. “I believe in our team-is-our-family approach,” says Tony. “And, I love that we’re working as a family to thoughtfully help people. We’re saving them from the stress of spiders and bugs.”

  • Tony’s Top Pest Control Tip for Clients: Maintain your house inside and out, so pests are less attracted to the area.
  • Tony’s Favorite Bug: Praying Mantis (They are amazing to watch!)
  • Free-Time Hobbies and Interests: Water-skiing, camping, hunting, and taking care of family, which includes four kids, extended family as well as very close friends.

Anthony “TJ” Hyde, President and Pest Elimination Specialist

Starting EcoLife with his father, Anthony brings leadership and day-to-day support to the team members. He provides help and advice for staff, answers client questions and concerns, and leads the team in refining best practices and brainstorming solutions. He’s always ready for client “ant emergencies” with his portable spray kit that he’s stashed in the car. Anthony also assists with follow-up visits for clients—especially when a client is dealing with a persistent infestation. This continued on-site approach enables group collaboration.

“We work as a team to bring each client a personalized treatment plan,” says Anthony. “Imagine it like a natural prescription treatment for your home’s needs. We train our team to think through the defined process—and we give them the freedom to create a personalized plan for each client.”

eco life owners

Before starting EcoLife, Anthony enjoyed learning from and participating with his father in business ventures, including a land-development company in the Rogue Valley. Anthony holds and maintains the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s general license for the company. He also stays on top of new treatments, training, and industry news that can help the team better serve clients.

  • Anthony’s Top Pest Control Tip for Clients: Prevention and ongoing maintenance—the most important and strongest type of pest solution.
  • Favorite Bug: Ants. They are efficient and intelligent, going through an amazing amount of work and living and traveling in areas that avoid people.
  • Free-Time Hobbies and Interests: Reading, camping, hunting with dad and collecting board games.
5 Star Review

I called ECOLife because I thought I had insects that birds were eating in a totem pole in my yard. Turns out it was a flicker most likely trying out nesting sites. The service and time I received was exceptional. Very knowable and truly committed to helping me. As it turned out I did not need their services but I would 100% use them if I have a pest issue. They did not charge me for the visit and he spent probably at least 30 minutes.

jacqui bostrom
5 Star Review

I am selling my mothers mobile home. An offer was made, but the inspector was unable to get underneath the trailer to inspect because he said a raccoon was hissing at him. Well, I won't go into too much detail about rodent-adverse inspectors, but I obviously had a problem bigger than setting a couple of rat traps. I called around and found EcoLife, they said they also repair damage from rodents (beyond the scope of most exterminators).

Lura Lee
5 Star Review

We had a bat infestation on the exterior of our home. Because bats are a protected species, you have to work around their migration. EcoLife was on site multiple times to make sure the bats had left. Then, and only then, were they able to fill and seal the entire house exterior to prevent re-entry in the Spring. They did an amazing job and we feel very confident our issues are over with. We have a guarantee in case there is a reinfestation. Good people, great communication and quality work!

Tom McGilloway