What You Should Know About Termites in Oregon

Oregon Termites

It's common for homeowners to worry about termites. After all, these tiny pests can do a lot of damage to your home if they're not dealt with quickly and efficiently. But how common are termites in Oregon? Keep reading to find out.

How Common Are Termite Infestations in Oregon? 

Oregon is a termite mecca with its dense forests found throughout the state, a product of its temperate climate. This combination of varying moisture levels and warm air temperature creates an environment ideal for termites— providing them with access to plenty of timber to feed on and relative safety from weather and other termite predators. With termite populations growing, they become increasingly challenging to control in the Pacific NorthWest Region; nevertheless, precautionary steps can be taken to minimize termite presence on properties. Furthermore, a professional termite inspection provides peace of mind in identifying potential threats and solutions to removing any unwanted visitors before more serious damage is done.

What Attracts Oregon Termites to Homes? 

Termites are common in Oregon and can be a serious problem for homeowners due to their destructive nature. Homeowners should be aware of common habitats that attract termites such as: 

  • Wood
  • wood piles 
  • Stumps

Homeowners should also be aware of any sources of dampness or water around their homes. Termites are primarily known to cause damage to wooden structures including flooring, furniture, doors, and even books, so taking a proactive approach to understanding where common habitats exist is essential for deterring these pests.

How Do I Prevent Termites in Oregon? 

To protect your home from these unwelcome guests, be sure to eliminate areas of high moisture from around the foundation; seal any cracks with caulking; store firewood away from the house; stockpile lumber at least twenty feet away; replace damaged wood as soon as possible; and have your home inspected annually for potential termite infestations. To prevent termites from making their home in yours, it's important to understand the types of termites most likely to invade.

Drywood Termites in Oregon

Drywood termites create mud shelter tubes along exterior walls or floors near a source of moisture.

Subterranean Termites in Oregon

Subterranean termites build nests both above and below ground levels in yard debris and soil. 

Dampwood Termites in Oregon

Dampwood termites live mostly in areas of excessive moisture and high humidity, including roof eaves and behind siding and trim boards.

What Type of Termite Is Most Common in Oregon?

The two types of termites most commonly found in the pacific NorthWest region are damp wood termites and subterranean termites. 

How to Prevent Termites: Be Proactive

If you live in Oregon, it's important to be proactive about preventing NorthWest termites in your home. These tips will help you IDENTIFY common habitats for termites and take steps to prevent them from taking up residence in your house. Remember, being proactive is key when it comes to termite prevention! If you've identified a termite infestation in Portland Oregon or the surrounding areas we can help! Contact EcoLife Natural Pest elimination today and learn how you can save on your first treatment. 

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