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Warranty Programs

Here at Ecolife your satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is to keep your home pest free. We have Warranty Programs available, where if you are not fully satisfied with our service just give us a call and we'll come retreat your home for free!

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Customized Services

EcoLife employees have been trained to be able to adjust our packages to cater to each individual customer's unique situation. We do our best to provide you with customized services that meet your exact needs.

Pest Control in Albany

The bugs we fear are often great for their ecosystem, but unwelcome in our homes. Outside of their natural habitat, pests in your home can do a lot of damage to your property and your peace of mind. At EcoLife, our mission is to keep that peace of mind intact with highly effective all-natural pest control in Albany and throughout Western Oregon. 

When you trust EcoLife for pest control, you can expect:

  • All natural, family-safe treatments.
  • Applications of all-natural, and Eco-Friendly products, including our own exclusive line of Simply Natural Solutions.
  • Warranty programs that can be adjusted to fit the scope of your needs.
  • Customizable pest control plans for your unique situation.
  • Free re-treatments if you’re unsatisfied with our work.

Our honest and knowledgeable technicians are prepared with natural solutions proven to eliminate pests and protect from further infestations. 

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Rodent Control in Albany

Rodents may be some of the largest household pests, but they can still go unnoticed in your home until there is significant damage. Mice can fit through holes as small as a dime and rats fit through spaces as small as a quarter. These gnawing pests seek warmth and shelter wherever they can find it, even if it’s a relatively clean household.

Whether you’re looking to proactively prevent rodents or have already noticed evidence they’re around, EcoLife is equipped to provide rodent control in Albany which can include:

  • Rodent exclusion by sealing off entry points.
  • Placing bait for mice and rats.
  • Removing any rodents we can access.
  • Sanitizing affected areas with natural bacteria-killing formula.
  • Deodorizing noxious odors caused by rodent infestations.

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Termite Treatment in Albany

Termites are one of the most intimidating common pests, due to their habit of destroying homes from the inside out. These prolific insects are known for causing billions in property damage around the country every year. Though the reputation of termites can be overwhelming, EcoLife knows from experience that termite control is possible without dangerous chemicals.

Our wood defense strategy uses natural methods for effective termite control in Albany, including:

  • Our exclusive Simply Natural Guardian Broadcast solution is applied to attic eaves, crawlspace sills, exposed pillars, and more.
  • Timbor natural permanent wood preservative applied on the surfaces at risk for termite action.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, a trusted organic pest control treatment that kills insects on contact.
  • Injections containing all three products administered to first-story walls to target termites where they live.

At EcoLife, we also maintain knowledge of building trends over time so that we can create a termite control strategy unique to your home. Using a customized strategy, we can provide the optimal termite protection needed to defend your home from damage and avoid invasive fumigation and chemicals.

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Pest Control with Integrity

EcoLife was established with honesty and excellent customer service in mind. We understand that pest management is important to the safety of your family and your home, and we’ll never take that for granted. 

We always use low-hazard treatments that protect your children and pets, and back our services with warranty options that offer free re-applications if you’re not satisfied with our work. Contact EcoLife today to discuss a plan for pest control in Albany that works for you and the environment!

5 Star Review

Keith and Becca are the best!!! I'm so happy we chose Ecolife!

5 Star Review

They are simply awesome.

Denise Briggs
5 Star Review

We had a bat infestation on the exterior of our home. Because bats are a protected species, you have to work around their migration. EcoLife was on site multiple times to make sure the bats had left. Then, and only then, were they able to fill and seal the entire house exterior to prevent re-entry in the Spring. They did an amazing job and we feel very confident our issues are over with. We have a guarantee in case there is a reinfestation. Good people, great communication and quality work!

Tom McGilloway

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