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Simply Natural Solutions is our exclusive line of natural pest elimination products, providing your family with effective, safe, and long-lasting pest solutions. We use products that are made from essential oils and natural inorganic materials.

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Here at Ecolife your satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is to keep your home pest free. We have Warranty Programs available, where if you are not fully satisfied with our service just give us a call and we'll come retreat your home for free!

Pest Control in Portland

EcoLife was family-founded in Oregon with the mission to provide effective pest control with minimal environmental impact. When you have a pest problem, you don’t need any extra stress on top of it. Our talented team makes sure you get the customized service you need without worrying about harsh chemicals in your home.

When you call on EcoLife for pest control in Portland, you can expect:

  • Low-hazard treatments that keep your family and pets safe.
  • All-natural and Eco-Friendly pest control products including our exclusive line, Simply Natural Solutions.
  • Customizable plans that can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Warranty programs that cover free retreatments if pest issues persist.

We’re prepared with the latest eco-friendly methods for pest control that provides strong, lasting relief and go easy on the environment. 

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Rodent Control in Portland

Portland is rightfully recognized as one of the rainiest places to live. Wet weather is one of the common reasons that mice and rats seek shelter in human homes, so it is no surprise that rodent control may be needed even in a clean house. It’s important to protect your home from rodent damage, even if you aren’t seeing live rodents yet.

Whether you’re noticing gnaw marks or are looking to keep rodents out when the rain starts to pour, at EcoLife we have the rodent protection plan for you that can include:

  • Sealing off any entry points we find.
  • Bait placement for both mice and rats.
  • Sanitizing affected areas with organic cleaning products.
  • Deodorizing the unpleasant odors rodents leave behind.
  • Removal of any rodents our technicians can access.

EcoLife technicians are equipped to protect your home from rodent infestation, whether that means prevention, elimination, or ongoing rodent control.

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Termite Treatment in Portland

Termites are so prolific that many homeowners fear that chemicals and fumigation are the only answer to infestation. At EcoLife, we know firsthand that termite control is possible without resorting to invasive methods and work with you according to your unique termite situation.

When you team up with us for termite control in Portland, you’ll receive our customizable Wood Defender Plan that includes:

  • Timbor: a natural and permanent wood preservative applied on the surfaces in your home that termites love the most.
  • Simply Natural Guardian Broadcast: our exclusive treatment created with all-natural ingredients for powerful, eco-friendly protection.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: the go-to standard for naturally eliminating termites and other insects.
  • Exterior Wall Injections on the first story of your home that include each of these impactful natural treatments.

Our multifaceted EcoLife team stays up to date on home-building trends so that we know the best strategy to apply these treatments and help you avoid fumigation and harsh chemicals. If you’re noticing signs of termite damage, don’t panic just yet. Call us right away for a free inspection!

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Trust in the Best

At EcoLife, integrity, honesty, and incredible customer service are our priorities. You deserve the most effective results with the lowest risk to your family and pets. We stand behind the strength of our natural methods. That’s why we back our work with warranty programs that include free re-treatments if you’re unsatisfied or pest problems persist. 

Our technicians are devoted to superior service and sharing their knowledge and experience. They will work with you to develop a plan that works for you, so that you can rest easy knowing your property is protected and so is the planet.

5 Star Review

We had a bat infestation on the exterior of our home. Because bats are a protected species, you have to work around their migration. EcoLife was on site multiple times to make sure the bats had left. Then, and only then, were they able to fill and seal the entire house exterior to prevent re-entry in the Spring. They did an amazing job and we feel very confident our issues are over with. We have a guarantee in case there is a reinfestation. Good people, great communication and quality work!

Tom McGilloway
5 Star Review

Love the staff there are so awesome. Have worked with us and most of they listen our concerns

Louise M
5 Star Review

They are simply awesome.

Denise Briggs

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