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Looking for an affordable, effective way to keep rodents out of your home? EcoLife is ready to provide a customized eco-friendly solution to your rodent problem.

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Rodent Control in Western Oregon

Even the cleanest homes are at risk of rodent infestation. The truth of the matter is that mice and rats seek food, shelter, and warmth first and foremost. That makes the hidden corners of your home excellent rodent real estate. Not to mention that the rainy weather of Oregon can drive rodents inside.

As cute and cuddly as rodents may look, the wild mice and rats that infiltrate homes also carry pathogens that can cause disease. They will also leave quite a mess and noxious odor as they get comfortable with living and breeding in your space. That’s why at EcoLife, we include sanitization and deodorization as part of our comprehensive rodent control services. 

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Customizable Rodent Defender Plan

It is best to be proactive when it comes to rodent control, but whether you’re looking for prevention or facing a full-blown infestation, EcoLife has a plan for you. Our rodent control services include:

  • Sealing off any accessible entry points to keep rodents out.
  • Placing bait for mice and rats.
  • Sanitization of affected areas with products used for cleaning organic bacteria.
  • Deodorization of affected areas.
  • Dead rodent removal in accessible areas.

Additionally, our EcoLife team will work with you to customize your plan, including warranties, so that we can make sure we’re doing whatever it takes to get rid of rodents and keep them away.

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Signs of Rodent Infestation

Are you uncertain whether it’s time to call an exterminator? If you suspect rodents, it’s best to call for an exterminator right away before these pests can do further damage, like chewing through wires and drywall. Keep an eye out for these common signs you may have rodents hiding in your home:

  • Gnaw marks around possible entry points or food packaging.
  • Droppings that are usually small and rod-shaped.
  • Greasy rub marks that rodents leave along walls or surfaces.
  • Nesting material like shredded paper, fabric, or dried plants.
  • Scratching coming from inside of walls, especially at night.

And of course, any visible rodents indicate there may be an infestation at hand. When you start to notice these signs, call and let the capable technicians at EcoLife take care of your rodent elimination.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At EcoLife Pest Control, we have built a culture that caters to outstanding customer service. In fact, we’re so eager to please that our warranties guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with our service, we will re-treat for free. Choose a company that you can count on to get the job done. 

Don’t wait until you notice live rodents to get rodent protection. Call EcoLife today for a rodent control plan that works for you.

Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments of our warranty programs, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!


Areas We Service in Western Oregon

EcoLife is family-founded and operated locally in Western Oregon. We’re proud to serve our region and provide service that is safe to its beautiful surrounding wildlife and gentle on the earth.

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5 Star Review

I called ECOLife because I thought I had insects that birds were eating in a totem pole in my yard. Turns out it was a flicker most likely trying out nesting sites. The service and time I received was exceptional. Very knowable and truly committed to helping me. As it turned out I did not need their services but I would 100% use them if I have a pest issue. They did not charge me for the visit and he spent probably at least 30 minutes.

jacqui bostrom
5 Star Review

Keith and Becca are the best!!! I'm so happy we chose Ecolife!

5 Star Review

I am selling my mothers mobile home. An offer was made, but the inspector was unable to get underneath the trailer to inspect because he said a raccoon was hissing at him. Well, I won't go into too much detail about rodent-adverse inspectors, but I obviously had a problem bigger than setting a couple of rat traps. I called around and found EcoLife, they said they also repair damage from rodents (beyond the scope of most exterminators).

Lura Lee

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